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Light Shines Through Us


Lead Artist Margaret Parker

2 pieces, 20'lg x 8'ht, 10'lg x 8'ht

cotton T-shirts colleted from the community, wire, plastic netting, supporting tents



A community art project was set up in the midst of the Wyandotte Art Fair which brings more than 50,000 people to the Down River city each summer. T-shirts from past Fairs were woven into a passageway of light to celebrate how the Fair brings art and life together. Art Fair visitors joined artist Margaret Parker and Tammy Trudelle, Director of the Downriver Council for the Arts, in cutting up the shirts and creating the weaving.  After the Fair, Light Shines Through Us was on display at the Downriver Center for the Arts through the end of the summer.

Estimated shirts used: 250, estimated people participating: 500.

Commissioned by the Wyandotte Street Art Fair, sponsored by Loews and Leo Stevenson, community partner Downriver Center for the Arts.

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