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Parker reading at "Patriot Acts", 2017

Presented with the Bad and Nasty Women for "70 Wishes for 70 Years", at Bona Sera, Ypsilanti, MI


Works from this collection have been read at: 

2019 -  Patti Smith's HERsay, GO! Ice-cream, Ypsilanti, MI.

2017 - Outrage! The Art of Protest, 22 North Gallery, Ypsilanti, MI.

2017 – Patti Smith’s HERsay, Ann Arbor, MI.

2017 – "Trump's Cabinet...,"published in Year of Resistance 2017: Artists Moved to Action, Women’s     Caucus for Art, Michigan, 2018. Find at Magcloud:

Trump's (Extremely Vetted!) Cabinet of Curiosities

The white horse 

Ryan Zinke rides into town 

 to lead the Department of Interior.

(such a white, white horse)


Trump’s first pay check

donated to the National Park Service

after cutting their budget by 12%.

(donates his pay check!)


Besty DeVos runs by breathless

with the last school voucher 

for Trump University.

(vouchers are a life saver)


“Forgotten Man Tents”

on sale now for only $9.99

at the Department of Housing.

(love those forgotten men)


Ivanka’s “60 Minutes”  

diamond bracelet SOLD! to fund 

her Let-Men-Off-the-Hook Program.

(she’s a Trump alright)


Rex Tillerson’s invisible

State Department suit, billfold, 

toothbrush, and return ticket.

(no return ticket, sad)


Mike Pence locked in a closet 

trying to wiggle out of

Nancy Reagan’s girdle.

(tiny tiny girdle)

Tears of Reince Priebus squeezed

into jelly jars by Kellyanne Conway 

now on sale at

(Kellyanne’s such a squeezer)

Gold “I” to be worn on the sleeve 

of all illegal immigrants, 

thanks to Jeff Sessions.

(you’ll be remembered)


Pruitt bar-b-ques the last of

Zinke’s white horse

on the coals of the EPA. 

(those coals do burn)


Dr. Price liberates 24 million

sick and dying out of hospitals,

now that’s affordable healthcare. 

(it’s a miracle!)


Bag of Paul Ryan’s toenail clippings 

that you can sell to raise money 

to fund your state.

(real personal commitment)


Ex-Employee-of-the-Month goes to 

Steve Bannon for (ssssst) fire bombing 

the Administrative State. 



Who’s giggling behind that blue curtains? 

Russians recording everything and 

winking at Jared Kushner.

(need money, Jary?)


Kushner - Trump Whisperer, Israeli

Peace Maker, Re-designer of the whole

Federal Government - starts to sweat.

(The Donald never sweats)


Ghost of Roger Ailes clanks his

chains down the White House halls

hissing, “Kiss my assss...”

(Hey, Roger, Nevermore.)

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