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On-going series, site specific, installed in a corner using the two walls, ceiling and floor 

dimensions vary

1 deconstructed cotton t-shirt, filament, wire

2009 - ongoing site specific installations


This series explores the isolation of reduced circumstances using cast off materials compressed into the left over space of a corner. Each installation is unique, like a three dimensional drawing. Each piece is made from one T-shirt cut in the same pattern: one long strip from the end of one sleeve to the neck to the end of the other sleeve. Nothing from the shirt is cut off or left out so the surface area of the shirt tells it's own story. The piece is stapled into the floor, walls, and ceiling of the corner. 


Cornered Exhibitions 2009-13:


Cornered #13: Detroit, archer

127”h x 50”w x 21”d

555 Gallery, Detroit, MI; 2013


Cornered #12: can't pay the heat

44”h x 38”w x 24”d

Solo Show, Finlandia University, Hancock, MI; 2011


Cornered #11: hiding out

6'h x 2'w x 22”d

Solo Show, Finlandia University, Hancock, MI; 2011


Cornered #10: Windsor (under surveillance)

12'ht x 36”w x 33”d

"Windsor Biennial 2011", Art Gallery of Windsor, ON; 2011


Cornered #9:  Ypsilanti (lyre)

104”h x 66”w x 45”d

 “New Fibers Show”, Eastern Michigan University Gallery, Ypsilanti, MI; 2010


Cornered #8: Climbing Out, WSG 2

8'7"h x  2'-8"w x 23"d, 

WSG Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI; 2010.


Cornered #7: Chicago

82"h x 53"w x 26"d 

“drawing the line”, Beverly Arts Center, Chicago, IL; 2010


Cornered #6.: WSG, 

8'h x  38”w x 30"d

WSG Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI; 2009.


Cornered #1-5, installed in artist’s studio or home, 2009

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