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Living Memory


locally collected T-shirts, wire, fencing, zip ties

Building interiour:

17'-3”l x 11'-4”d x 10'h

Commissioned for the Icehouse Museum, 2013 


A woven installation incorporates historic local artifacts within an historic building to make art for our time. The three day workshop and installation celebrated the new Museum and hleped raise funds for the reconstruction of the small building, what was a working icehouse through the last century.  The building has been given to the town of Linwood to become the Icehouse Museum, whose mission is to preserve local artifacts, house community events and promote the arts.


Community members from the beach town of Linwood on Lake Huron collected T-shirts from local businesses, events and schools. Under the direction of artist Margaret Parker, they cut the shirts into a pattern of strips then helped weave them into fencing that was suspended from the ceiling beams. Sections of the weaving reached down to incorporate each of the artifacts on display for the first exhibition.


The project was funded by a grant from the  Bay Area Foundation. 


Rachael Walsh, Curator

Icehouse Museum                                                  

Bicentennial Park

565 West Center

Linwood, MI

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